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our sTORY

While teaching a class on cultured foods at the old Wise Cicada Cafe in Newmarket in 2011, several of René's students asked if he would be selling his Kombucha. His unbelieving response was: "I just taught you how to make it. Go home and start brewing!" The demand was insisting though. So René started brewing for a few regular hard core friends and Kombucha aficionados.

In 2012, a life-changing coaching program with Sally Anderson led to proper bottles and labels and our brand definition. In March 2013 René's Kombucha was born.

The one below here was one of our first bottles.

Our first retail bottles in 2013

Our first retail bottles in 2013

In October 2013 our still current Red Berry, Pomegranante and Lemon Ginger flavours were born.


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