Kombucha is an effervescent fermentation of sweetened tea that is used as a functional food. Sometimes referred to as a “mushroom”, the Kombucha culture is actually a symbiotic colony of friendly bacteria and beneficial yeast (SCOBY).

This tea-based drink has been known for over 2500 years in China and Japan and was used as a daily health tonic and natural remedy.

René’s Kombucha is fermented/cultured for 6-8 days. This, and the use of our selected organic teas, assures a very pleasant flavour. René’s Kombucha is NOT pasteurised and hence contains the live cultures provided by the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast).

Kombucha drinkers around the world have reported a massive list of ailments which have responded positively to drinking Kombucha on a regular basis.


Similar to lightly carbonated ginger beer, the taste is sparkling and, in our opinion, very pleasant.
Over time the amount of carbon dioxide – fizz- in naturally bottled (neither pasteurised nor artificially carbonated) Kombucha increases. This is due to the continued slow culturing process by the live micro-organisms in the liquid.
Currently we provide these flavour options:
Red Berry, PomegranateLemon & Ginger, our caffeine power house: Guarana & Açai, as well as our latest addition: Turmeric & Ginseng with Cayenne!

For a Kombucha Tasting near you please refer to our Calendar and our Facebook page!
In addition to high-quality organic fruit teas, all our Kombucha is brewed with organic Tulsi (Sacred Basil) and organic green tea. We use organic golden cane sugar as the fuel for our Kombucha cultures.

Due to fair trade regulations and the current NZ legislation governing health claims about one’s products, we are not able to list all the benefits we understand Kombucha can provide. We encourage you to do your own reading and online research about Kombucha and it’s possible benefits. There is MUCH information on Kombucha and many amazing testimonies.

And by all means, meet us at a Kombucha tasting near you!

What Our Customers Say:

“I give it to my grandchildren. They love it! Much better than drinking soda pops.”
Christine R., Auckland

Best Kombucha out there.
I have known René for almost a decade as a good friend and mentee of mine. His passion for traditional foods and beverages is very inspiring and shines through in the excellent quality of his product: René’s Kombucha.
My background is in the fitness industry with strong focus on nutrition. For me and my clients integrity and quality are the key factors in proper nutrition. I believe that foods and beverages produced in traditional and natural ways, by people who care, can make a huge difference in our wellbeing and the health of our bodies.
I have tried pretty much every Kombucha on the market and find myself returning to René’s Kombucha every time. It is a unique product. One can taste and feel the difference.
I strongly endorse René’s Kombucha for its superior quality.
Steve Papps
Owner and Operator
Papps Nutrition

“Since I started drinking René’s Kombucha my desire to drink a glass of wine in the evening has vanished. I now have Kombucha – even at work. My staff loves it too.”
Peter S., Auckland

A Steady Seller and Customer Favourite.
Farro Fresh has been stocking René’s Kombucha since May 2013. It is the first Kombucha we ever sold. Although we now stock 4 brands, René’s Kombucha is still going strong.
René has been very committed to personally run regular and frequent in-store tastings at all our shops. Over four years as a supplier, his Kombucha has developed a loyal following among the customers at our five Auckland locations.
We are very excited about the recent organic certification René’s Kombucha has received.
As a fresh food market we are supporting and relying on true artisan manufacturers and products and we're proud to support small New Zealand producers, like René’s Kombucha. We and our customers are acutely aware of the supreme quality traditionally produced foods and beverages offer.
We'd happily endorse René’s Kombucha as a fantastic example of an authentic artisan New Zealand product.
Suzanne Sparrow
Grocery Category Manager
Farro Fresh Auckland

“My husband and I are drinking René’s Kombucha daily. Believe it or not, it now replaces my morning coffee. I get such a good boost from it there is no desire for coffee any longer. Try it! Seriously great stuff!”
Sally Anderson, Auckland, www.sally-anderson.com

René’s Kombucha is the Real Deal!
I personally have tried most of the Kombucha products on the market. For years I had been plagued with indigestion and reflux problems. No other Kombucha has been as effective as René’s in eliminating my gut health issues. I am  drinking it regularly and am trouble-free without any medication. I strongly endorse René’s Kombucha for the high quality artisan product it is.
Nathan Imlach
Owner and Operator
Raeward Fresh Queenstown

To order and to join the ranks of our happy Kombucha drinkers please visit our store.
We are looking forward to hearing from you.
Fizzfully yours,